Q) What Kind of products do you prescribe?

A) Here at Darulshafa, all our prescriptions are purely herbal and contain simply herbs. We ensure that all our products and prescriptions
conform to the 1968 Medicines Act.

Q) Do you import prepared herbal remedies from Asia?

A) We take great pride in our products and to ensure a consistent standard of quality and efficacy, all our remedies have been manufactured by ourselves since we started our practice in 1967.

Q) How long does an average course of treatment last?

A) Most patients who attend our clinics tend to suffer from very long standing and chronic conditions. In our experience a short course of remedies and treatment isn’t sometimes sufficient for the patient to observe an immediate improvement. Hence, to ensure relief, an average course lasts around 3-4 weeks.

Q) What are the treatment costs?

A) The costs of an treatment is essentially dependant upon the diagnosis of the practitioner. In most cases two or three different preparations may be used to treat the patient. We have a complete price list of our products and the patient is shown his exact charges PRIOR to the dispensing of his prescription. Having said that, the average cost of our remedies is £15-£20 per week.

Q) Are herbal remedies expensive?

A) It is our belief that there is NO substitute for quality. However, we endeavour, at all times, to ensure that the price of our products remains affordable for our patients. Please do remember that almost all herbs we use are imported from various countries. This means that we have to strive hard to maintain an exact standard of herbs imported but also face natural disasters, currency fluctuations and in some cases, devaluation. All these factors combined with the fact that all our products are manufactured here in the UK means that our overheads are far higher then those companies who illegally import defective remedies from abroad.

We look forward to hearing from you and of being service to you.